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7 Major Symptoms of Stress

By Dr. George Bobbitt

Have you had any stress in the past year?

Did you know that stress is the cause of all health problems?

Most of us do not realize that stress is killing us. A recent seminar by one of our area’s leading cardiologists mentioned that day-to-day stress can lead to a heart attack. There is not a day that goes by without hearing someone complain about stress.

What most of us do not know is that stress can be physical, chemical or emotional. Another scary part of the equation is that we are treating stress wrong. For example, we use chemicals to treat physical problems and surgery to fix emotional problems.

A point to remember is that physical problems respond best to physical solutions. Chemical problems respond best to chemical solutions and emotional problems respond best with emotional solutions. I know that sounds simple, but I promise the majority of our population has no idea what type of stress is causing their problems.

I am concerned that if we continue to do what we always have done, we will never get healthier and obtain a better quality of life. In an attempt to help educate on stress, I will share with you the 7 major symptoms of stress.

  1. Headaches
  2. Fatigue
  3. Tension/pain in neck, shoulders and lower back
  4. Sleeping problems
  5. Irritability and mood swings
  6. Digestive troubles
  7. Sinus/allergy issues

Each of these symptoms is a warning to the body that it is under attack and stressed.

You see, symptoms are there to tell us something is wrong. Our body is amazingly brilliant in that it tells us when it needs help, but my concern is that we rarely listen. When and if we listen, it is way too late.

Many of us look at the list above and think these symptoms are normal. Please understand that none of these symptoms are to be considered normal. They may be very common, but they are definitely not normal.

As mentioned above, symptoms are feedback mechanisms that instruct us to get back in balance. They are not to be ignored.

I really like analogies – so here is a simple analogy to help this point stick a bit more. If our oil light or check engine light in our vehicle suddenly appeared and the car started acting weird, our heart would sink, and we would be concerned. Most of us would rapidly get our vehicle to the shop.

But for some reason, we treat our bodies very differently.

Why is that?

We have one body, and we are in it all the time. A vehicle can be replaced. It seems that many of us care more about our metal box on wheels than we do about our bodies.

Forgive me for coming across strong, but I care about you. I care that so few actually understand the message above. Symptoms are not normal. I want to help people get better, feel better, stay better and have a better quality of life. That is what I want for you, and that is what I want for our world.

To determine if your symptoms are related to physical, chemical or emotional stress, contact my office and consult with an expert.

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