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Benefits of Spinal Decompression

By Dr. George Bobbitt

Benefits of Spinal DecompressionAfter looking at over 80,000 x-rays, I was reminded that our spine progressively degenerates as we get older. I know this statement seems obvious to many, but for me it hit like a ton of bricks. Here was the mystery- not all vertebrae degenerated. Out of the 24 vertebrae in the spine, only a portion of them were damaged and showed evidence of spinal disc wear and tear.

After 15 years of practice, I have had the benefit of treating some of the same people for eight, ten and even twelve years later. This is significant because I have been able to compare past x-rays to current x-rays. This is what I found…

I found that none of the present pictures looked any better than the past. In fact the progression of spinal disc degeneration was significantly worse. Many of these people utilized chiropractic, physical therapy, surgery, traction, inversion and massage, but that did not stop the degeneration.

So why is the spine and disc still degenerating?

Here is what I learned in a recent wake-up call- “All roads lead to spinal disc.” What this meant was that the spinal disc suffers the most damage throughout the life of back and neck wear and tear. The spinal discs act as shock absorbers for the entire spine and allow a separation between the spine bones for the nerve to safely exit the spine and travel to all the important structures of the body.

As the disc wears out and is overly stressed, the spinal cord and associated nerves coming off the spinal cord get pinched. When these nerves get pinched, it causes pain, numbness, tingling and pins/needles. These are just a few of the possibilities- the worst being a loss of bodily function causing the body to seriously malfunction.

So….How can we stop or slow down this progressive degeneration of the spine and spinal disc?

You guessed it- Spinal Decompression.

Spinal Decompression functions to bring nutrients and water back into the disc. This is accomplished by gently achieving distraction without muscular contraction. This is the key to the entire process. This may be the only way to get absorption of crucial nutrients back into the spinal disc. This type of distraction allows for a negative discal pressure to create the absorption.

Once fluid and nutrients enter the disc, the disc can start the process of rehydration and healing. The research is phenomenal on the progressive benefits of spinal decompression helping to restore issues like herniated and bulging disc and degenerating disc disease safely.

It is important to realize that other therapies like traction and inversion do not create a negative discal pressure. This means that nutrients and water do not re-enter the disc for healing. In fact, the research disclosed that inversion increases disc pressure and can lead to more serious back issues over time. Both traction and inversion do not allow for distraction without muscular contraction.

Since “all roads lead to disc” -it makes sense to start protecting our spinal disc, so we can continue to have a better quality of life. Try Spinal Decompression.

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