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Dr. Bobbitt’s Blog

Can This Approach to Pain Relief Really Help You?

Dr. George Bobbitt, DC, shares his experience with becoming a chiropractor and gives you insight on how chiropractic not only can relieve pain, it can eliminate pain by treating the root of the problem. Growing up I knew I could be whatever I wanted to be. Mostly I thought of being a doctor or a [...]

Are You Paying Attention to Your Body’s Anti-Virus Software?

Think of your nervous system as your body’s anti-virus software. When your body is functioning normally, your nerve impulses tell your brain that everything is okay – like an “all-clear” message from your computer's anti-virus software. When your body has Trojans and spyware (aches and pains), nerve impulses tell your brain that all is not [...]

The Truth About Alleviating Digestive Problems

Now what does digestive health have to do with chiropractic care? That is a great question, and I am excited to hopefully shed some light on this interesting discovery. Please hang in there for a moment as I lay the foundation for the previous statement. First realize that the only way our bodies survive is [...]

Does This Secret Network Really Control Your Physical Destiny?

Most people are not aware of the secret network that controls our physical well-being. This network is the more than 300 million nerves that meet at the base of the skull. Health problems are due to physical, chemical or stress related causes. Most people understand how chemicals or stress can cause problems, but don't understand [...]

The Shocking Truth About Your Hidden Body Trauma

It never made sense to me as to why a person could simply cough, bend over to tie their shoe, sleep wrong, move weird etc., and then all of a sudden suffer a severe pain episode. I asked other practitioners as to what they thought. Some said it is what it is, others said it [...]

Is There a Really Quick Fix for Back Pain?

We are bombarded with many quick fix ideas for our back pain. This is an interesting thought process – "quick fix." We all know there is not a quick fix, because ultimately we are going to have to correct the problem eventually. The concern is that the problem always gets worse over time. Here is [...]

Relief vs. Corrective Care

There are two approaches to most problems in life. Either take the necessary steps to correct the problem or fix it temporarily. For example, a boat springs a leak. You can use a bucket and bail out the water or you can take the boat to the shop and have them fix the hole that [...]

Chronic Headache and Migraine Relief

Headache/Migraines are a very common and sometimes debilitating condition. Headaches of all types ranging from tension to migraine are one of the more common conditions treated successfully at our office. We find that about 80% of all headaches stem from mechanical problems in the neck, shoulders and jaw. These mechanical problems result in three factors [...]

Cracking the Hereditary Code

Are our health issues due to heredity? Do we even have a choice whether we live or die? Who is in control anyway? Can we actually guide our future health toward wellness? These are questions many are asking. There is a trend in the health care industry suggesting that many of our health issues and [...]

Children Need Chiropractic Too

Probably one of the biggest questions I get when it comes to treating children with Chiropractic is…why? Why would a child need Chiropractic? Most people still think that Chiropractic just treats back or neck pain for adults. What needs to be realized is that Chiropractic can treat so much more and it starts with our [...]