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Functional Medicine: The answer to your health problems

By Dr. George Bobbitt

My purpose as a chiropractor is to help people get well and stay well. I do that by consulting with people to find the true cause of their health problems. If I could find the true cause of a person’s problems, then I could put together a program, which if followed, would correct it.

There is a true cause to headaches, back and neck pain, weight problems, digestive disorders, sleep deprivation, sinus/allergy issues and every other health problem. If you have been to other doctors in the past or tried other solutions on your own and your health problems still persist, then you have not found the true cause. My job is to help you to find out what you and others have missed.

The reason we have been able to get results, where others have not, is because we do something different. You see, functional medicine focuses on functional disorders that cause the body to malfunction. Once we can find the true cause of the body’s malfunction, then we can correct the functional problem. Functional problems in the body are the cause to almost every health condition with the exception of infectious diseases.

In our clinic, we have found that there are 3 major reasons your body will malfunction:

  1. Biochemical imbalances
  2. Hormonal imbalances
  3. Neurologic damage

The reason we are biochemically out of balance is because of poor nutrition, processed foods and the enormous amount of chemicals found in what we eat. How about these statistics- 70% of the food we eat is processed. As a result they are often missing essential nutrients or are difficult to digest. The US is the most overweight country in the world, and we are #50 in life expectancy- France is #2.

These processed foods “junk food” are all a source of empty calories and no nutrition. They cause you to gain weight and make you very unhealthy at the same time. More importantly, junk food requires enzymes to digest. Enzymes require vitamins and minerals. There are no vitamins and minerals in junk foods. To digest them your body depletes its own vitamins and minerals. Processed and junk foods can cause your body to malfunction biochemically.

Another fact you may not know: There are 82,000 chemicals we come in contact with each week. These are in our water, air and food. Our food and drinks contain taste enhancers, food coloring, preservatives, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics and hormones. Our livers are over-taxed and cannot keep up thus causing these toxins to be stored in the body.

The second reason your body may not function properly is hormone imbalance from stress. When you get stressed, the stress glands (adrenal glands) can release 50 different hormones. These glands become exhausted and malfunction- 80-90% of all my patients have adrenal gland exhaustion. Most doctor visits (80%) are for stress-related health problems. The adrenal hormones control your heart, digestive system, sleep, energy, your ability to lose weight plus a lot more. Repairing these glands helps to contribute to correcting the cause of many health problems.

The third reason your body may malfunction is due to trauma causing neurologic damage. The average American has 1,000 traumas by the age of 13. Running and falling is trauma. Gymnastics, pillow fights, falling while roller blading, ice skating or riding a bike, football, soccer etc., all produce traumas. These can cause damage to your nerves.

Here is a fact you may not know: Only 20% of the nerves in your body deal with pain while the other 80% control your body functions. If you injure a nerve of pain, you will feel pain. If you injure a nerve of function, you will not function properly.

As a doctor who specializes in functional health care, I must check every patient biochemically, hormonally and neurologically to find what is truly giving them their problems.

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