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Iceberg, straight ahead!

By Dr. George Bobbitt

Have you ever seen pictures of an iceberg? What is interesting is that there is a lot more iceberg under the surface than appears on top of the water. How would one know that? To answer that, a thorough look at the entire structure needs to be done.

I like this analogy because it helps illustrate that our perception may not always be enough. When it comes to our health, we tend to think we are healthy just because we do not feel bad. However, we hear stories of how a perfectly healthy man dies of a heart attack all of a sudden.

If we cannot always trust our perception, then how can we know what is hiding under the surface? That is a great question. The answer is…you have to take a look at it.

One of the reasons we are successful in helping so many people is attributed to our examination/evaluation and screening process. Our process is extremely detailed and purposeful as it looks to not only find trouble spots, but also what needs to be done to maintain.

I like it when I go to the car mechanic because they not only diagnose the immediate problem, but they inspect the supporting structures for potential problems. Most of the time everything is fine, but on occasion I have been instructed that If I do not take steps now to correct and maintain a small issue it could become a large problem.

These same steps should be done when it comes to your health. It makes sense to get regular musculoskeletal and spinal screening checkups. How else will you know that a potential problem is about to show up? Remember, sometimes when the warning light comes on it is too late. The damage has been done.

Chiropractic offers another approach to looking at better health. Very few health professionals look at the body and its function like we do. We have an interest in correcting the problem and restoring function to the body. We want to find and fix the cause of the issue and keep it from returning. To accomplish this, a more detailed look at the body needs to be done.

Our goal here at Mansfield Chiropractic is to help people be, feel and stay well. It probably would be easier on everyone if we could maintain and keep a healthy lifestyle instead of dealing with the daily struggles of poor health.

The current health system still has a lot of focus on disease care and symptom relief. I am excited for the day that the focus shifts toward health care instead of sick care – a system that aims primarily to prevent problems and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The first step in this process could be simply to get regular screening, examinations and evaluations. These checks would give us a baseline. From this starting point, we could work towards optimum health.

Oh, and by the way… The thought that “if it aint broke, don’t fix it” should be re-purposed to:

  • If it ain’t broke, how can we make it better
  • If it ain’t broke, when is it likely to break in the future
  • If it ain’t broke, how long will it work as you age and mistreat the body

We invite you to call us to learn how you can feel better and live a pain-free, happier, more productive life. Call (817) 453-3999.