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Meet Dr. George Bobbitt – "Super Doc"

What prompted you to study chiropractic wellness in the first place?

As a child I always wanted to help people and I saw how other people in the healthcare field were making a difference in people’s lives. I went to college and started taking pre-med courses and was on track to be a medical doctor. As I was doing an internship for the school and seeing what the doctors were doing, I began to realize that this wasn’t the kind of medicine for me. It almost didn’t seem fun. So I decided to look for another option to traditional healthcare and that is when I discovered chiropractic.

The philosophical difference between chiropractic and general medicine is about natural healing and a non-drug approach. It’s more proactive than reactive and that approach just seemed to fit me. I interviewed with chiropractors and went to their offices and noticed a different attitude and atmosphere. So I decided to see what it would take to get into chiropractic school. I applied, was accepted and was on my way to becoming a chiropractor.

The field of chiropractic and overall lifelong wellness allows people to take control of their health, control of their lifestyles, and generally be healthier, be happier, and live longer because they are proactive rather than reactive. Is that something that fits with your philosophy?

The idea is if we could stop the issues from happening, or prevent them early, or do things to reduce the effect, life will be a lot more enjoyable. Healthcare costs will go down dramatically and people will actually get to live life the way it was meant to be. And yes, we are living longer but there are more health problems so I think that being proactive has a lot more advantages than being reactive.

What type of education and training does a chiropractor have?

The education is very stringent and is similar to medical or dental school. You earn a 4-year undergraduate degree that requires a certain amount of course work in science, math, biology, and so forth. Then you take another 4-year program under the doctorate this is exactly like the medical doctor program. In fact we use the same textbooks. Although each side has eight school years of higher education, what’s interesting is that a typical chiropractor has 17% more actual course time than the typical medical doctor.

What continuing education courses and training do you and your team participate in?

Every year we are required to attend many hours of continuing education. But it’s becoming even more stringent because now we have to keep up with new regulations and insurance courses, and there is even a documentation class.

What do you like best about being a chiropractic healer?

What I like best is that it’s much more than a job. I wake up in the morning and I am excited to go to work. I am excited to help people change their lives for the better. There is no better feeling than when a patient looks you into the eye and says, "Thank you for changing my life!" They bake you cookies and they bring you cakes because they really get it. Just the other day, a patient said, "I want to thank you because you listened. Somebody finally listened to me and actually heard what I had to say!" It’s truly rewarding to me because this is a daily occurrence. We have some of the highest success rates in the medical profession – even including the general medical profession. We are achieving results. We have patients that don’t want to leave because they think of us as family. That is one of the benefits of multiple visits because we get to know people and they get to know us. We give them hope and joy and peace and happiness and they really appreciate it. I am very blessed to be in a position to help people like that.

What would you say your patients like best about Mansfield Chiropractic?

I think the majority of the people would say they like the atmosphere. When you can come into an office and immediately sense a happy, warm feeling and you can look at the people and see that they are happy and the staff just being themselves, you know this is a place you can trust and where people get well.

Dr. George Bobbitt Mansfield Chiropractic

Dr. George Bobbitt, Mansfield Chiropractic


  • BECAUSE I honor the unborn potential of everyone to be truly healthy.
  • BECAUSE I desire to help the newborn, the aged, and those without hope.
  • BECAUSE I chose to care for the patient with the disease, not the disease.
  • BECAUSE I wish to assist rather than intrude. To free rather than control.
  • BECAUSE I seek to correct the cause, not its effect.
  • BECAUSE I know doctors do not heal, only the body can heal itself.
  • BECAUSE I have been called to serve others.
  • BECAUSE I want to make a difference.
  • BECAUSE every day I get to witness miracles.
  • BECAUSE I know it’s right!

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