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Meet Dr. William Hardwick

Dr. William Hardwick Mansfield Chiropractic

What prompted you to study chiropractic in the first place?

Midway in high school I was trying to decide what I wanted to be when I grew up. I questioned a lot of people, and I asked my friend’s father what he thought. He essentially told me that I should look around at all the people I knew and look at all the families and how they lived and what they did and if they were happy or not. And then from there decide whether or not I could do what they are doing. The thought being, if others were happy doing a certain type of work then maybe I could be happy doing that work as well. My father owned a health food store and he was a friend of the local chiropractor. He suggested that I observe the chiropractor. I spent some time with the chiropractor and I liked how he helped people. He was very happy, laid back, peaceful, made a good living and I figured I could do that. I was drawn to it because I wanted to help people. So chiropractic made sense.

What do you like best about being a chiropractor?

By nature, I like to build things. I like to fix things. When I am able to fix people, I also get and feel to benefit from that. Because the patient feels better, I feel better. Simply put, I just like helping people feel and get better.

What would you say patients like best about Mansfield Chiropractic?

Results and atmosphere. The patients see progress in their overall health while being in an environment that promotes happiness. Getting relief is great, but fixing the problem so it does not come back is priceless. Patients have mentioned that they like having a maintenance program and exercises they can do at home to prevent problems from recurring.

Why should a person add chiropractic to their lifestyle?

It’s is my belief that everyone needs chiropractic. Whether they feel fine or not. If you have pain, you are a chiropractic patient, if you hurt, you are a chiropractic patient, if you have an illness or ailment, you are a chiropractic patient. Now with that in mind, chiropractic is not only a corrective type of care, but it is also preventative and it makes your life better in that it aids in preventing injuries. However if you are injured, chiropractic helps in speeding the healing process.

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