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Quick Fix for Back Pain

By Dr. George Bobbitt

Quick Fix for Back PainWe are bombarded with many quick fix ideas for our back pain. This is an interesting thought process – "quick fix." We all know there is not a quick fix, because ultimately we are going to have to correct the problem eventually anyway. The concern is that the problem always gets worse over time. Here is an obvious truth – "that which you resist, persists." Until we address the real issue causing the back pain, it will persist and progressively get worse.

Think about this.

The body is amazing. It will attempt to fix itself inherently. One of the ways the body attempts to heal itself is through a mechanism called compensatory mechanics. Basically, the body compensates by shifting things around to balance the stress it is under. Another way to look at this that makes sense is to equate compensation with coping.

A "quick fix" is a coping mechanism used until we can truly correct the real problem. The problem is that many of us never take the measures to ever correct the underlying issues. We spend our lives looking for the "quick fix," but we never take the time to fix it right. In the meantime our body continues to fail as the damage becomes irreparable.

Unfortunately, we cannot get a new body. Some parts are replaceable, but all in all we get one body. Some people can deal with the pain, but very few can handle the poor quality of life that follows years of neglect.

Our body is a mechanical wonder. Our body needs our undivided attention. Our body is tired of being neglected.

I can’t help but wonder why many of us treat our cars better than we treat our body. We change our oil every 3-5 thousand miles, we clean the inside and outside of our cars religiously, we put the best gas and additives into our metal box on wheels, we rotate and align our tires, we provide insurance for our vehicles and we even polish the outside so all can see its beauty – but what about our body?

Our body gets neglected or at best a "quick fix." We can get a new car, but we cannot get a new body.

Quick fixes only address the symptom and never get to the cause. In order to truly fix the problem, one must get to the root of the problem. The longer the problem persists, the worse the body compensates and that creates a bigger problem.

Many forget that the body uses pain as a warning signal to tell us that something is wrong. This warning gives us an idea of where to look. Paying attention to the symptom leads us to looking for the cause. Ignoring the problem and only doing a patch up job will lead to disaster if not remedied.

It’s not a matter of if – it’s a matter of when.

Those of us in health care need to work harder at reminding those we care about not to depend on "quick fixes" for quality of health. I am reminded by the saying I hear from many of my patients. "If I knew I was going to live this long, I would have taken better care of myself."

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