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Reboot Your Brain

By Dr. George Bobbitt

Reboot Your BrainAs I get older it seems that I become smarter with handling electronic issues. By smarter I mean that I now have a process for dealing with glitches with my phone, computer, gaming device and even TV boxes.

Any guesses on what that process may be? You got it- I unplug/re-plug it, restart it or reboot the thing. Amazingly, this one brilliant mechanism seems to fix the majority of my electronic hassles. I have a confession to make. It took me a long time to get to that point, but now I am an expert.

If only we could unplug/ re-plug, restart or reboot our body when it is acting a fool. If only we could uninstall the tainted software and re-install the good software. If only we could install an anti-virus or malware program that could reconfigure our hard-drive, so that our programs and applications would work like they are supposed to.

Guess what? Drum roll please…

There is a way to restart, reboot, uninstall/re-install the bodies electronic system. There is a way to remove the viruses and malware running through all the electric lines controlling every function of your body. There is a way to format our brains hard-drive.

Before we go there, please understand this extremely simple concept.

The brain controls all the functions of the entire body- not just some of the functions, but all the functions. The only way the brain controls the body is through the nerves. These nerves exit the brain and make up the spinal cord. The spinal cord sends out branches to all the organs, muscles and tissues of the body.

Almost all of the nerves that control the body have to exit the spine (backbone). What do you think could happen if there is a kink in the backbone where these nerves come out? What do you think might happen if the backbone is under stress or tension? What do you think poor posture, repetitive stress and sedentary lifestyle does to a spine? Do you think that past falls, slips, trips, accidents and fender benders help the spine?

I bring these examples to the surface because the only way the brain and body communicate is through the nerves that exit the spine (backbone). So…If the communication path to the brain via the nerves is altered, slowed or delayed in any way, then the messages never get to the brain or the messages never get to the body.

I hope this is starting to make sense?

What if the glitches that we experience in or with our bodies- the weakness, the mal-functioning of our organs, the overall fatigue, the aches and pains, the sinus/allergy issues, the headaches, the sleep disturbances, the hormone problems, the digestive issues, the depression, the activity disorders, walking problems and simply loss of quality of life and many other unmentioned problems- could all be addressed and/or improved by simply rebooting the brain?

Is it possible? Absolutely!

The way to reboot the brain is through opening the communicating channels from the brain to the body. This is simply done through spinal adjustments. Adjusting the spine reboots the body’s hard-drive, installs new software, removes malware and cleans out the viruses that impede a clear communication path between the brain and the body.

I know this sounds way to simple. So next week I will reveal some of the most recent neuroscience research that supports the statements above. Until then, consider rebooting your brain. I am here and available for questions if you are even a slight bit intrigued.

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