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Specialists in Chiropractic

By Dr. George Bobbitt

In almost every health care field there are levels of specialty and within each level of specialty there are levels of expertise. In order for us to get well sometimes, we have to seek out a specialist. In fact, the whole reason specialists exist is because one type of health care profession cannot fix it all.

What is a specialist?

  • a person who concentrates primarily on a particular subject or activity;
  • a person highly skilled in a specific and restricted field
  • a person possessing or involving detailed knowledge or study of a restricted topic

Specialized care not only exists in medicine- it exists in dentistry, podiatry, nutrition, massage, physical therapy, rehabilitation, acupuncture and chiropractic. This is not a new concept for most of us, but many people forget that not all doctors and offices focus on the same type of care.

Case in point: The initial rise in our area of many urgent care facilities.

These urgent care facilities and emergency rooms exist to help us when we have an emergency or when our doctors’ offices are closed or too full to see us right now. These doctors are there to stabilize the problem and provide a specialized service. Once we are stable, they recommend us to go to our primary doctor for follow-up care.

A specialist is highly skilled in a specific and restricted area and possesses a detailed knowledge or study in a particular area. So…..not all chiropractors are the same.

This would seem to make sense, but often times patients “try Chiropractic”, not the chiropractor. I hear stories like “I tried chiropractic, but it did not work for me” or “I went to this other chiropractor, and he did something different.” One must realize that every chiropractor has a different expertise and knowledge.

Please remember that each chiropractor has an area that he is an expert in. Each chiropractor has a different skill set and level of practice experience, advanced training, certifications and knowledge. We are not all created equal. There should be a difference in the skill set of a doctor that has been in the profession for 20 years versus one that has been in 5 years.

The chiropractic profession has specialist as well. We have specialties in pediatrics, nutrition, radiology, scoliosis, rehabilitation, sports, etc…

It appears that many chiropractors simply focus in the area of just pain relief, while others, in addition to relief care, concentrate on a corrective approach.

It is important to know what it is you are looking for when going to the chiropractor. It is just as important to communicate what you want to accomplish. There is a big difference in temporary relief care from an acute condition versus a corrective approach designed to help a chronic or recurring problem. It makes sense- the more complicated the condition, the more energy, effort and responsibility it takes to handle and correct. A problem that has been there for years may initially need a lot of attention.

Some problems require a band aid while others require an advanced level of knowledge, skill and expertise. So remember that chiropractic has many levels of specialty, and every chiropractic office specializes in a different area and level of service. Before seeing a doctor of chiropractic, it may be helpful to do your homework to determine what office can meet your needs.

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