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Back and Neck Pain Relief Without Drugs or Surgery!

If you suffer from herniated or bulging discs, degenerative disc disease, sciatica, restless leg syndrome or other neck and back ailments, you can now get relief without surgery or conventional chronic pain management using drugs!

Benefits of the DRX 9000 Spinal Decompression Table

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Mansfield Chiropractic offers cervical and lumbar spinal decompression therapy using the revolutionary DRX9000TM System. This cutting-edge technology can eliminate pain and discomfort and restore your physical condition to its optimum level.

How spinal decompression works

The DRX 9000TM decompression system works by gently separating the vertebrae above and below the involved disc. This separation creates a negative pressure to be exerted on the disc creating a vacuum effect. The negative pressure draws the bulge or herniation back within the disc space similar to an eyedropper drawing in fluid. As this negative pressure draws more fluid, nutrients and oxygen back into the disc from the surrounding tissues, degenerative discs start to repair and re-hydrate.

How we treat your neck and lower back

DRX 9000 spinal decompression treatments for neck and lower back and spine conditions on average consist of 24-30 sessions over a course of 6-8 weeks. Each session lasts for about 30-45 minutes followed by 10 minutes of adjunctive therapies to calm the area being repaired. If necessary, we may incorporate other modalities and chiropractic procedures if needed to speed recovery and assist in the healing process.

Most patients describe spinal decompression as a gentle stretching or a sensation of pressure in the lower back. The treatment is usually painless. The DRX 9000 has a built-in DVD and CD player for your entertainment and education purposes. This procedure is relaxing and many patients take a well needed nap.

If this treatment if so effective, why doesn’t my doctor know about it?

The DRX9000 is relatively a new concept in chiropractic. The DRX9000 was FDA cleared for treatment of disc and facet joint injuries in 1998 and is well utilized on the east and west coasts, Florida and Texas.

Many doctors in Texas have not been introduced to this breakthrough technology yet, and sadly, many patients who could benefit from treatment may not know about this opportunity. It will soon become the first treatment of choice for back injuries and disc degeneration. Encourage your doctor to research all of the benefits that are now available to better treat these back and disc problems.

If your doctor told you there is nothing else that can be done, could spinal decompression help? Every day, new procedures and technologies are being developed and discovered. Years ago people were bed-ridden for weeks, months, even years for many illnesses and injuries. Today, many treatments for those same injuries and illnesses allow the patient to walk out the same day. Now, with the DRX 9000, we are able to repair discs without the risks associated with surgical procedures. There are no side effects to the spinal decompression treatment and it is non-invasive, so it should be tried first.

Are you a candidate for spinal decompression?

Not everyone with with neck and lower back and related problems is a candidate for spinal decompression. During the evaluation, our doctors will complete an extensive history, physical examination and review your x-rays and MRIs/CTs ( taken within the last 12 months) to determine if you are a candidate.

Can I continue to work while I undergo treatment?

You are allowed to perform regular daily activities providing they do not aggravate your existing condition. Repetitive forward bending, lifting, reaching, pulling, twisting, housecleaning and sitting for extended periods are to be avoided. If your job requires physical or repetitive activities, you should consider taking some time off work. Remember, surgery requires you to avoid physical activities for months and you are usually unable to work for weeks.

My pain isn’t that bad yet, can I wait a few months or a year to start treatments?

Too often, excellent candidates for spinal decompression decide to postpone or completely reject treatment because their pain "isn’t that bad." Pain is simply your body’s warning system telling you something is wrong. When you ignore this signal, it’s like ignoring your car’s “check engine” light. We rarely postpone a trip to our mechanic because we know that driving with something wrong could cause extensive and expensive damage in the future.

Choosing to ignore pain or masking it temporarily, often with dangerous drugs, does not address the cause of your pain or eliminate it. Delaying spinal decompression treatment for lower back or neck conditions because the pain "isn’t that bad" may lead to further damage that eventually cannot be repaired with spinal decompression therapy or even with surgery.

Is spinal decompression covered by insurance?

Similar to LASIK procedures that have helped thousands of people to see without glasses, spinal decompression is not yet covered in Texas. As of now, BCBS Federal programs are approving spinal decompression therapy. If you have a flexible spending or HSA account, you may use it to pay for this program. We provide several financing options for you.

I have met with other doctors who use the DRX9000. They told me they can submit some of this treatment to my insurance company and I will only have to pay the difference. Do your clinics do the same?

Because Spinal Decompression is still relatively new, there is no federally assigned ICD code (billing code that uniquely describes this service) for non-surgical spinal decompression (NSSD). Some clinics providing the DRX9000 treatments have attempted to submit charges under different codes in order to get reimbursement. This is inaccurate billing and our clinic policy has always been that we will not compromise our reputation, our integrity and ethics, or our patients for profit.

If it’s not covered by my insurance, how can I afford it?

You CAN afford the DRX9000 Spinal Decompression treatments. With our multiple CareCredit interest-free or extended payment plans you can start your treatments many times for less than $100 per month. Think of what you are paying today for other things in your life:

Cable TV & High Speed Internet: $100 per month
Hairstyling/Cuts/Manicures/Pedicures: $100 per month
Dinner for 4, twice a month: $150 per month
20 gallons gas/weekly fills: $200 per month
Green Fees for 2 Rounds Golf: $100 per month
Specialty Drink or Coffee 1/day: $70 per month

Pain-Free Life: Priceless!

Can you afford NOT to start DRX9000 treatments to stop your pain and heal your discs?

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