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What is Life Balance?

By Dr. George Bobbitt

Over the years I have heard and read that we should have balance in our life. We are supposed to balance our physical, mental, spiritual and social sides of life. I have yet to be able to accomplish this balancing act, but I recently received insight on how to better manage this epic task.

Here is what I heard. We will all have seasons of our life where we get lop-sided. The key was to acknowledge being out of balance and as soon as the season was over-get balance back in the area lacking.
For instance, I have struggled over the years with eating healthy. I will go through months of extreme regimens of do’s and don’ts. Then for no real reason, the binge begins. I can say that I get better at being and eating healthier each year, but the process is slow and somewhat predictable.

As a chiropractor I am often called to help relieve ailments of the body and restore function to the musculoskeletal system and adjunctive areas. However, this task can be tough because it takes two people cooperating to make this happen. One being you and one being me.

The challenge to adding balance to your health starts with making a decision to begin. I have found that a little effort can slowly turn into big momentum if the effort is consistently applied on a regular basis.
I encourage you to make a decision to start in the direction of adding balance to your health. A brief walk around the block, a push/sit-up or two, one less soda, a check-up visit, eating one serving etc…are all simple ways to begin the balancing act.

Your schedule may not allow you to do much, but the simple act of trying is a step in the right direction. After several steps, you will soon notice that you have traveled some distance- those distances add up quickly.

Find a way to measure whatever you attempt to do, whether that be weight, calories, steps, number of repetitions etc… because one way to easily change behavior involves observing and recording change. Just being aware of where you started, where you are now and even where you are headed will add tremendous momentum.

If you are like me, you are a good starter, but the finishing is another story. Sometimes everyday life just has a way of taking over. It is during these times life may have its way, but as soon as the demands loosen their grip I strive to once again begin the balancing act.

I can say that I am better now than I have ever been, but I have a way to go. Most of us want to be and feel healthy. For some, the starting is tough and for others it is the finishing. Regardless of the reason we struggle, any start is better than no start.

My challenge is that you take the time now to begin adding balance back toward better health. Perfection is obviously is not the goal, but being aware and placing some attention on the weak areas could lead to a better desired future.

Failure in some capacity may be a certainty in certain seasons of life, but seasons change and success is awarded to those who give it another try.

My hope is that this inspires you to work on balancing your health.

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